The Upper School Parents’ Association (USPA) is a self-sustaining organization dedicated to building community and fostering communication between school administration and parents, and we hold several events for students and parents throughout the year. As an Upper School parent, you are automatically a member of the USPA, and we welcome you to attend our meetings which are held every month via Zoom. These informational sessions are conducted with Head of School Todd Bland, Bland, Upper School Principal Monica Palmer, Dean of College Counseling Rod Skinner, Academic Dean Heather Sugrue, Dean of Students José Ruiz, Dean of Faculty Marvin Gutierrez, Director of Residential Life Anika Walker-Johnson, Director of Counseling Lisa Morin, and Director of Nursing Peg Reardon, R.N. along with a few external speakers. These sessions begin with updates and conclude with a Q&A so you are aware of the latest developments at Milton’s Upper School.

We have an exciting year planned for 2022–23. We cordially invite you to become involved, whether you live nearby or on another continent. We welcome you to connect with us via Facebook and Instagram to foster an engaged parent community.

As a USPA member you can also join PIN (The Parents’ Independent School Network, a volunteer-run, parent organization of Boston-area independent schools), and attend informational meetings on non-academic issues of mutual concern and interest to the parent community. For more information on PIN, visit their Facebook page.

You can find more information about upcoming USPA events on our webpage

The faculty, parent, and student events sponsored by the USPA are made possible by your generous contributions of time, funding, and gifts. Your time and effort as volunteers and your parent dues and donations make every USPA event possible. Thank you!