Milton’s Speech and Debate Team members are off to a strong year, with students receiving awards and honors at regional competitions. At the Lincoln-Sudbury tournament on December 4, Milton placed second overall in points earned. The individual results from Lincoln-Sudbury are as follows:

Children’s Literature
Sonia Pande—6th place and Top Novice

Congressional Debate
Emilia Raviola—Finalist
Rhys Adams—3rd place and Top Novice

Dramatic Performance
Alexa Burton—2nd place
Fernando Paiz—1st place

Extemporaneous Speaking (Varsity)
Samantha Berk—6th place
Safina Abrimova—5th place 

Extemporaneous Speaking (Novice)
Vickie Mao—Honorable Mention

JP Giglio—5th place

Novice Oral Interpretation
Tiana Sandefur—6th place
Eli Berk—4th place 

Play Reading
Eli Berk—Top Novice
Callum Hegarty—3rd place
Alexandra Wilson—1st place 

Program Oral Interpretation
Alexa Burton—1st place 

Radio Broadcasting
Amelia Simoneau—4th place and Top Novice 

Public Forum Debate (Varsity)
Speaker Awards
Annaka Schmults—9th place
Annaka Schmults and Chloe Li—Quarterfinalists

Public Forum Debate (Novice)
Speaker Awards
James McEvoy—8th place
Teddy Choe—7th place
Anton Badushov—6th place
Simon Picotte—1st place
Anton Badushov and Tom Tang—Quarterfinalists
James Bradner and Simon Picotte—Semifinalists
Grant Morishita and Teddy Choe—2nd place 

In addition, several students received awards and honors at November’s Gracia Burkill Memorial Tournament:

Children’s Literature
Celia Greer—6th place and top novice

Congressional Debate
Sonya Martin—10th place
Rhys Adams—3rd place and top novice

Dramatic Performance
Fernando Paiz—1st place

Extemporaneous Speaking (varsity)
Valerie Gu—3rd place

Extemporaneous Speaking (novice)
Claire Salvato—4th place

Play Reading
Melody Chen—7th place
Abby Rochelle—4th place

Prose Reading
Zharah Greenidge—5th place

Public Forum Debate (varsity)
Annaka Schmults and Chloe Li—3rd place overall, 2nd and 3rd place speaker points award

Public Forum Debate (novice)
Isaac Ming and Isabella Alba—2nd place overall, tied for 5th place speaker points award

The following Milton students received a 1 rank or a win:
Rhys Adams            
Celia Greer
Fernando Paiz
Valerie Gu
Claire Salvato
Abby Rochelle
Esme Campbell
Melvin Joseph
Zharah Greenidge
Annaka Schmults and Chloe Li
Isaac Ming and Isabella Alba